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Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI)

Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI) Solutions Maximize Human Capital Performance And Achieve Your Business Goals.

Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI) Audit

In today’s economy, training of employees is more important than ever as banks cope with needing to increase sales and maintain quality and capacity with a lean workforce. And most organizations must accomplish their training goals with a limited training budget, making the return on investment of every dollar spent on training even more critical.

Global Banker’s Institute’s Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI) Audit is the first-of-its-kind service to offer the following benefits:

  • Ongoing Performance Improvement Plan based on cascading Strategic and Operational Goals.
  • Comprehensive Training Plan with behavioral outcomes aligned to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Performance Measures (KPMs) resulting in a concrete Return on Investment for all training.
  • Effective Training showing measurable benefits in Sales, Customer Satisfaction, Operations Productivity and Quality, Employee Motivation, Risk, and Compliance, as well as any other identified bank goal.
  • Efficient Use of Training Budget through improved curriculum priorities and vendor selection and negotiation.
  • Holding Training Vendors Accountable by making them partners in the HCPI process and requiring that they accept responsibility for delivering measureable improvement through their programs.

Human Capital Performance Improvement Audit Deliverables and Process

 The Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI) Audit project results in all the components needed to implement and measure continuous performance improvement in the workforce aligned with achieving the business goals of the bank.

The HCPI Audit provides the following deliverables:

  • Training for Key Personnel – Dr. Linda Eagle personally delivers training for key personnel on the HCPI process, teaching them how to effect real change and specifically how to create and document cascading goals, KPIs and KPMs.
  • Cascading Strategic and Operational Goals – Global Bankers Institute works with key personnel to cascade organizational strategic goals into operational goals.
  • Key Performance Indicators and Measures – Global Bankers Institute works with key personnel to confirm and document key performance indicators (KPI) and then quantify them into key performance measures (KPM).
  • KPI Dashboard – Global Bankers Institute documents all goals, KPIs and KPMs in an easy to use dashboard for ongoing tracking, maintenance and reporting.
  • Current Training Analysis – Global Bankers Institute captures the current state of training at the organization, including all formal, informal and third party training, training format, vendor, delivery, frequency, the direct and indirect cost of training, the number of participants, the measureable results of the training, training licensure and contract requirements, and the established KPMs achieved by the training.
  • Training Value Analysis - Using the data provided in the Current Training Analysis, GBI provides a Training Value Analysis to compare goals and KPMs to current training to identify areas of over and under expenditure.
  • Training Plan - Using the results of the Current Training Analysis and Training Value Analysis, GBI creates an annual Training Plan. This training plan defines: the recommended optimal curriculum, the recommended delivery strategy (Classroom, eLearning, Blended, Webinar, OJT, Mentoring), training by audience, training priorities, training duration, training frequency, training cost estimate and KPMs tied to each training program.
  • Training Development Plan – GBI creates a training development plan which provides a three-year outlook for creating the optimal curriculum for the entire bank.
  • Human Capital Performance Improvement Audit Presentation and Workshop - To confirm the HCPI process and ensure bankwide success with the HCPI project, Dr. Linda Eagle of Global Bankers Institute provides a final workshop for key personnel on the HCPI Audit results.

To learn more about how your bank can maximize the potential of its staff through Human Capital Performance Improvement, click here.


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Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI)

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